What is Crystallization?
Crystallization is a chemical transformation of the stone suface similar to the conventional polishing of marble at the factory. This is a time tested safe and proven system with the use of special chemicals in a 2 part system. The crystallization action can be equated as a chemical reaction that is initiated through the use of steel wool, special chemical compounds and the basic stone surface. A transformation takes place between the calcium molecules and the special chemicals resulting in a harder vitrified surface.

The surface molecules now take on the characteristics of quartz. This is a completely irreversible-unalterable state. There are no residual alkaline or acidic salts that can be liberated by moisture that are inherent in other systems. This system allows the floor to continue to "breath" through microscopic channels of the stone. This is to say that the action of crystallization is a tight network of crystals whose end result is an innocuous action. This is the origional standard whose concept, new to Canada, has been a proven system for over 25 years. Once a customer has used our products in conjunction with our guidelines and recommendations, no competitive product or system will ever be preferred. Our system is the one by which all others are measured.

Specific chemicals are formulated for specific stones. The process uses wire wool pads in conjunction with V1 or V2 or V2+ and V3 chemicals. The steel wool pad is an essential part of the complete process.

A benefit of the 2-step process is the improved slip resistance that use of the V3 brings to the job. Failure to use this half of the 2-step process results in a less than "acceptable standard" finish. Never accept anything less!