Abrelam Marble Restoration Systems Inc.
Owned and operated by Mike Malerba in London, Ontario, Abrelam Marble Restoration Systems Inc. is the exclusive marble maintenance and restoration company for Southwestern Ontario. Abrelam offers technical advice, services and support to owners of stone and marble. Abrelam has been servicing London and area for over ten years and continues to be the #1 choice for marble maintenance and restoration needs.

Abrelamís two-step process begins with specially designed diamond grinding pads that remove scratches and stains. A chemical process called crystallization follows this. Crystalization is not a "coating" but rather a hardening of the stone surface through the chemical reaction between the chemicals in the liquid and the calcium carbonate of the stone. This brings out the lustre, reflectivity, and makes your marble slip resistant and looking like new.

Abrelam Marble Restoration Systems Inc.
163 Stronach Crescent
London, Ontario N5V 3G5
Phone: (519) 679-9478
Toll Free: (877)679-9478
Fax: (519)679-6886
Email: mmalerba@abrelam.com