When do I Need to Grind?
A stone surface needs to be ground if the results of crystallization alone do not give the clarity and sharpness the customer expects. This is because the surface is visibly scratched. Heavy foot traffic or pivot and turn areas, such as store entries, service counters, elevator lobbies and hallways, tend to show the worst. To restore to the original clarity and finish it will be necessary to grind down and polish the stone furface to the depth of the existing scratch pattern. This is accomplished through the use of our Dia Drive PadTM equipped with diamonds. The grinding operation is done with water and the use of various grits until the level of polish that is acceptable is visible.

Our machines are capable of grinding to a 8500 gret finish. Upon completion of grinding and a thoroughly dry floor, one can complete the process by crystallization. The same basic process is done in the factory.